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A well-established quality dental care practice in Port St Lucie that puts our patients’ dental needs first.

Dr. Timothy Salib DMD, Dr. Mark Barber DDS, Dr. Fred Hart DMD, and the rest of our dental staff look forward to serving you.

Our Port St Lucie dentists office is located on Becker Road in the Veranda shopping center near Publix and Bonefish Macs.

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Port St Lucie's Premier Dental Practice

The Veranda Family Dentistry in Port Saint Lucie provides a personalized experience in a stylish dental facility. We provide top-of-the-line dental chairs, digital imaging, and digital scanners, as well as an inspiring environment that removes the dread of visiting the dentist. Veranda Family Dentistry is for the patient who desires an exceptional dental experience, great oral health, and a confident smile.

At our office, we have private rooms where you’ll discover pleasant dentist’s chairs and a tranquil atmosphere designed to put you at ease for a stress-free visit. Modern digital technology x-rays and CBCT Cone Scans are used to provide more accuracy and minimize any needless exposure for a better treatment experience. Cleanliness and relaxation are our priorities in providing you with a pleasant visit.

As you explore the office at Veranda Family Dentistry, you’ll notice that every little detail has been thoroughly planned, with a patient-first mentality in mind. We strive to provide a unique experience from our waiting room, from the colors and artwork we have chosen and the textures of each space, we are not your typical dental practice. We are distinguished by our forward-thinking approach, which includes innovative technology and customized patient care. We believe in thinking outside the box since being unique is what sets us apart.

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Family Dentistry Port Saint Lucie

A Family Dentist

We want to offer more than a service, we strive to ensure your family feels like one of the Port St Lucie Veranda Dental family. Everyone in your family will benefit from the excellent dental care at Veranda Family Dentistry, which provides oral health services for families of all ages. Additionally, when you teach your young children good dental health practices, you’re laying the groundwork for long-term oral health and getting them comfortable at an early age to regularly receive dental services and treatment from a dentist.

Relaxation Dentistry Port Saint Lucie

Relaxation for Patients

Your comfort is our top priority at Veranda Family Dentistry. Every detail of our Port St Lucie dentist office has been thoughtfully planned to allow you to have a serene visit. We have many alternatives to keep your thoughts on more pleasant things. At our practice, we provide a wide range of options to make you as comfy and at ease as possible. We are not your typical dentist office.

Personalized Attention Port Saint Lucie Dentist

Personalized Treatment

Preventative dental care and general oral health advice from a qualified dental specialist is the best method to maintain healthy teeth. The majority of the dental problems that harm your smile can be avoided with regular attention, and our Port St Lucie dental staff is dedicated to addressing your concerns about oral hygiene and providing you with the most cutting-edge, complete dentistry possible with comprehensive dental care.

Exceptional Dental Care Veranda Family Dentistry Port St Lucie

Exceptional Dental Care

According to our patients, our dentists and assistants offer the most attentive care and service. Allow us to go above and above for you! With our staff of skilled professionals and dentists, you are assured personalized attention at every step. We always strive to make sure our patients are not only satisfied but comfortable at our office and leave feeling like they have found the right dentist for regular visits and dental care. 

Long-Term Relationships

Long-Term Relationships

We welcome you and your entire family to join us as we grow with you. We look forward to celebrating milestones with you and to becoming your trusted dental home where you can feel comfortable knowing that we will be there for all of your family’s dental needs.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Veranda Family Dentistry we utilize many advanced technologies such as Cone Beam CT Scans, Intra-oral scanning, same day crowns, and digital dentistry. We use the latest techniques to provide you with high-quality dental services and treatments in a friendly, gentle manner. 

Saint Lucie Dental Services Provided

Family Dentist Port Saint Lucie

Let Us Make You Smile!

We are accepting new patients and accept most dental insurance. Contact us now at 772.336.2300 for an appointment today.

Veranda Family Dentistry Port St Lucie Location

Minimally Invasive Dentistry In St Lucie

Minimally Invasive Dentistry In Port Saint Lucie

Minimally invasive dentistry is clearly the next step in modern dental care. On the whole, these technologies and materials allow our dentist office to treat most problems more comfortably and quickly, while also improving function and esthetics.

One of the most significant advances we’ve made is in our understanding of how to better provide dental care to protect and preserve teeth that have undergone trauma or extensive decay with the goal of saving them using the latest technology involving restorative dentistry.

However, even with these new technologies and materials in dental services, there are still some cases where bone loss in the jawbone occurs. By having our dentist look at the big picture (i.e., not just treating an individual tooth), we can better protect teeth during short-term dental care treatments like crown lengthening or when performing dental implant surgery. The introduction of minimally invasive dentistry has allowed us to treat more patients and save more teeth than ever before reducing extensive dental work.

Our dentists, dental assistants, and staff strive to provide our patients with a full range of treatments and the best quality cosmetic dental and restorative services. We pride ourselves on our dental care services in Saint Lucie County! From dental implants to cosmetic procedures, we want to help you achieve your goals for your smile. Contact us now at 772.336.2300 for an appointment today.

Family Dentist Port St Lucie