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Teeth cleaning, also known as professional dental cleaning, is one of those easy procedures that may dramatically improve your oral health.


There are some sections of your teeth that are difficult to clean, even with regular tooth brushing and flossing at home. Some things such as tartar, also known as hardened plaque, can only be removed during teeth cleanings using specialist equipment in the dentist's office.


Regular dental cleanings are a must for a healthy mouth.  Don't be scared if you've been avoiding the Dentist and professional teeth cleaning.  Our staff and technique assure a comfortable and effective experience.

Why Do We Need Regular Dental Cleanings?

Home care is important, but it won’t remove tartar. Without regular teeth cleaning, plaque and tartar can accumulate on your teeth, causing them to appear yellow. Gum disease and underlying bone deterioration, foul breath, tooth decay, and even tooth loss could all be a result of missing routine dental visits.

Drs Salib, Barber, and Hart take a personalized approach to dental care, including cleanings.  This starts with a thorough evaluation.  For patients with healthy gums, we recommend dental cleaning every six months to remove stains, tartar, and plaque that may have built up since the last cleaning.  For patients who have active gum disease, more frequent cleanings and treatment may be needed to help return them to a healthy mouth.  

As with all oral health, the greatest approach to prevent dental disease is to maintain a healthy mouth through regular dental checkups and dental care.

What To Expect During A Professional Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is usually part of a comprehensive dental examination that lasts 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your oral health. Here’s what to expect during your visit:

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The Examination

A professional dental hygienist will begin by looking in your mouth with a tiny mirror to inspect around your teeth and gums for plaque and tartar, surface stains, chips, and cracks, as well as evidence of gum inflammation and other oral issues such as gum disease.  She will also use a tiny ruler to measure the gums around your teeth.  This will help our team know if your gums are attaching to your teeth properly, or if there is plaque, tartar, or swelling in the way.

If we have not seen you before, the dentist may also recommend x-rays to give us a more in-depth look at the gums and teeth.

Plaque And Tartar Removal

After this, your dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth.  We use a special solution that dyes plaque, which guides the hygienist in identifying and removing all of it.  This also can help patients see areas they may need to pay more attention to when they are cleaning at home. 

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No More Gritty Toothpaste In Your Teeth Cleaning Procedure!

We utilize the latest technology in removing plaque and calculus.  This system uses an anti-bacterial powder, pressurized water, and ultrasonic instruments for a more comfortable and efficient cleaning.

Expert Teeth Flossing

After the brush cleaning, we’ll go deep between your teeth and clean potential problem areas that you don’t usually reach with flossing at home.

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Finishing Up

Now that your teeth are clean and healthy, your hygienist will help you keep them that way.  She may have some specific recommendations for your individual needs, whether for your use at home or in the office.

We may use a fluoridated treatment to strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent cavities.  

We may recommend a periodontal cleaning to remove tartar below the gum line and at the roots for patients with varying levels of gum disease or gingivitis.  Some patients may benefit from a localized antibiotic treatment.

Keeping your teeth professionally cleaned is the first line of defense against bad breath, cavities, decay, and gum disease. Dental cleaning is an important element of dental health maintenance. Even if you have additional issues discovered during a dental checkup, teeth cleaning will be the first step in regaining your oral health.

Take-Home Preventative Dental Care Advice

Along with our expert teeth cleaning, we will recommend at-home dental care for you to maintain optimal oral hygiene. These include brushing after every meal and flossing once a day, not only to get rid of food particles stuck between your teeth which can immediately lead to bad breath but also to help keep gums healthy by removing the bacteria that can cause gum disease. Preventative dental care and routine teeth cleaning are some of the best things you can do for your health.

Take Home Dental Care Advice

Deep Teeth Cleaning - Gum Disease Therapy

A more comprehensive type of gum and teeth cleaning sometimes referred to as Scaling and Root Planing.  This is a treatment that patients who have missed several routine hygiene appointments and have built up plaque and germs under their gums often require. Identified by gum recession and bone loss, which may be followed by teeth sensitivity to hot or cold. Gum Disease, also known as Periodontal Disease or Gingivitis, is a term for this condition. If this is the case you need a Periodontal Treatment or Deep Cleaning.

It’s critical to keep up with your routine dental checkups and scaling as well as implementing a regular teeth cleaning procedure since bacteria can be stopped at an early stage during these regular appointments to minimize damage to gums and teeth as well as prevent a receding gum line, gingivitis, and eventual tooth loss.

Regular cleaning is a dental procedure removing plaque and hard calculus from the surfaces of the teeth. Deep cleaning or Scaling and Root planing are ultimately removing hard calculus from the root surfaces. The differentiation between the two is evident on a dental x-ray and during gum charting and is typically demonstrated by bleeding gums, deep, inflamed, swollen periodontal pockets, or various advanced stages of Periodontal disease.

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Our Port St Lucie Dental Hygienists

Our Port Saint Lucie Fl Dental hygienists are licensed professionals who are experts in dental care and dental services. They have undergone extensive training in the most advanced methods.

Each dental hygienist has a mission to take the best care of you and your teeth, and to ensure you have as pleasant and comfortable a visit as possible.

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