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At Veranda Family Dentistry, we provide quality dental exams for the entire family. We also offer a variety of services to meet your dental needs.

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Our Dental Exams Procedure

During a dental checkup, the dentist or dental hygienist will:

  • Ask questions to determine your overall health and dental hygiene, as well as your oral hygiene and dental health.
  • Examine the risk of cavities, root decay, and gum or bone disease in your mouth.
  • Examine your need for teeth restoration or replacement.
  • Examine your bite and jaw for potential issues.
  • Clean and remove any stains or deposits from your teeth, if any exist.
  • Demonstrate how to properly clean your teeth or dentures if needed.
  • Determine if you need fluoridated water.
  • Take X-rays if you don’t have them or if it’s been a while since your last ones.
  • Perform other diagnostic tests as needed.

During a dental examination, your dentist or dental hygienists will inquire about any medical issues you have as well as prescription medicines you're taking to see if they might be a factor in your oral health. Gum disease, for example, is more likely in cases of those suffering from diabetes. You're more likely to get a cavity if you take certain medications because their side effects can include dry mouth. If you have arthritis and find it difficult to brush your teeth effectively, your dentist or hygienist may show you easier ways of using your toothbrush or propose a powered or electric toothbrush so you can keep on top of your dental health with proper brushing.


Your dentist or hygienist will examine how well your prosthetic replacements, like dentures or bridges, currently fit and discuss the need for changes if you require any.


Dental exams may include advice on diet, tobacco use, and other lifestyle elements that can influence oral health.

Dental X-Rays Veranda Family Dentistry

Dental X-rays

A dental X-ray enables the dentist to see high-resolution pictures of your mouth, allowing him or her to assess your general dental health and to catch problems in their early stages. Dental X-rays come in a variety of formats, including:

  • Bitewing. The dentist may observe the crowns of the upper and lower teeth with this form of X-ray. This x-ray is very useful for checking for cavities and bone disease between teeth.
  • Periapical. This gives the dentist a view of the entire tooth, root, and surrounding bone.
  • Occlusal. This lets the dentist see how the upper teeth and lower teeth fit together when the jaw is shut.
  • Panoramic. A panoramic x-ray provides the dentist with a complete view of the whole mouth and surrounding anatomy. It is great for getting a view of the big picture and useful in screening for pathologies like cysts and tumors.
  • Cone-beam computerized tomography. CBCT Scan. This technique uses a small dose of radiation to create a 3-D image that the dentist may use to assess the distance between teeth and surrounding structures more accurately.

Will You Need Dental X-Rays Every Visit?

You won’t need x-rays every time you come in, typically once a year, or if conditions change such as a painful cavity or other issues. Most dental X-rays are low-radiation however talk to your dentist for professional medical advice if have any concerns regarding radiation exposure.

Dental Impressions

A dental impression, sometimes known as a bite record or mouth impression, is an artistic rendering of one or both jaws. This may be used by the dentist or dental hygienist to analyze your bite, make a mouth guard or bleaching trays, and more.

They’ll fill horseshoe-shaped trays with a jelly-like substance and place them over your top or lower teeth. The trays are then removed after a few minutes when they’re used to make a dental cast on your mouth. They may also have you bite down on a soft material to document and analyze your bite.

dental exams port st lucie fl

Exams For Oral Cancer

During your dental checkup, your dentist or dental hygienist will screen for any signs of oral cancer. They will perform a comprehensive exam around your tongue, each cheek, as well as the sides of your tongue, and the roofs and floors of your mouth.

Dental Exam Veranda Family Dentistry

Going Over The Results

We will extensively discuss your oral health, any current dental problems, including your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and any other oral health concerns, as well as available preventive measures ad dental treatments, to preserve and improve it.

We will also advise when the ideal time to come back for a follow-up visit is. If you have an increased danger of tooth decay, gum disease, or any other oral health problems, your dentist or hygienist may propose frequent checkups to increase your odds of great dental health.

Dental Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Oral hygiene is critical in ridding the mouth of germs. Plaque, which forms when bacteria multiply rapidly, hardens and can lead to long-term problems such as gingivitis and periodontal disease if it isn't removed. If you have a healthy dental care regimen and visit the dentist on a regular basis, your mouth will remain healthy and can help evade potential oral health problems.

A dentist can examine your teeth and gums to detect early abnormalities and take precautions to prevent them from getting worse when you visit them on a regular basis. Checkups also give us an opportunity to professionally clean your teeth and remove any plaque that has built up since your last visit as well as catch any developing issues before they become a painful problem.

Routine checkups and regular dental exams should be done every six months to one year unless otherwise advised by our staff. Consult with our team to determine how often you should have your teeth and gums examined for potential oral health problems; we might recommend that you visit more frequently based on factors such as smoking, tooth decay, gum disease risk, and hereditary susceptibility to tooth and root decay.

At a typical dental checkup and oral exam, our staff will provide a professional cleaning in which we will clean your teeth thoroughly, removing any surface stains or deposits, known as tartar or calculus, that are more difficult to remove than plaque and need the use of specialized dental instruments. We'll also look around your entire mouth for signs of decay, gum disease, or other issues around your gum line. X-rays may be needed to provide a more thorough assessment of your health. We will ask you questions about the methods you use presently for dental care, such as whether you brush your teeth and floss them often, as well as if you use fluoride-containing toothpaste. With this knowledge in mind, during your dental exam, we will demonstrate good dental care and make recommendations on how to modify your habits to optimize oral health.

The ideal approach to getting ready for a dental checkup is to practice excellent dental care. Brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing at least once a day are advised. Before you arrive, make sure your teeth are clean. Our staff will be cleaning your teeth for you, but it will be easier if you remove food and plaque beforehand. Make sure you're ready to share information such as your medical history, insurance coverage, and present dental treatment techniques with us. Don't be ashamed, to be honest about your oral health habits during a dental exam - our team isn't here to accuse you, but to help you improve your behaviors in order to maintain good oral health!

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